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At Kotys Wealth Professionals everything we do is focused on you and your goals. Our first order of business is taking the time to get to know you – what you want for yourself and your family, your appetite for risk, your plans for the future. With that foundation set, we then educate you, guide you and provide you with financial strategies that will help you accomplish your goals. We see money as a tool to help you realize your dreams and reach a higher purpose with your wealth.

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Worried senior couple checking their bills at home

Dangers of DIY Estate Planning

Posted on July 25, 2016

Finding tips, guidance and assistance for estate planning has never been easier via the internet, with printable legal documents just a click away. Such do-it-yourself wealth management planning is relatively inexpensive, fast to find, and seemingly simple to pull off. Nevertheless, there is a risky downside to transferring hard-earned... Read More


‘Retirement age’ prompts fears of dying too soon, living too long,

Posted on May 27, 2016

Wesley Kotys expected a solid answer to his simple question. I didn't have one, and I wondered how many others might feel the same way. "What age do you plan to retire?" asked Kotys, a professional wealth adviser in Valparaiso. I've never really explored that question, with any seriousness... Read More

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Can You Tell The Difference?

Kotys Wealth Professionals does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult a qualified professional for assistance with any tax or legal issues such as wills and trusts. The information related to estate planning in this web site are general in nature and does not constitute tax or legal advice or a solicitation for any such service.

Does My Portfolio Fit Me?

Some investors can sleep soundly no matter how the market may fluctuate, and others need predictability to feel comfortable. Where you fall on the risk spectrum is key to your investment style. Kotys Wealth Professionals take the time to determine your personal risk profile before we make any recommendation. It is something you should know no matter where you invest, and it is completely complimentary as our way of getting acquainted … of course with no obligation to become a client.

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